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* Do you love to wow friends and family at birthday parties and family celebrations with special treats?
* Do you enjoy making handmade gifts to share?
* Are you passionate about chocolate and interested in learning more about it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then ChezSlaughter Chocolate Online Academy has a course for you!

My Story
My name is Jeff Slaughter and I’m a professional chocolatier. My family and I lived in Belgium for 14 years and fell in love with the country’s culture, charm and chocolate! I took a professional chocolatier course and learned to work with Belgian chocolate while we lived in the country. It was a wonderful place to learn as I had easy access to a large chocolate supply store in Belgium. And with some 300 different chocolate companies in this small country of only 11 million people, inspiration was abundant.

When we began basing in the United States, I started a small chocolate business to help support my frequent trips to Europe to continue my work there. One of my favorite things to do in my small chocolate venture is to offer live chocolate workshops.

Now, with my online academy, I can work with anyone in the world and teach people like yourself how to work with fine chocolate in your home and make artisan treats for yourself, your family and friends.

Fun With Belgian Chocolate
My first course, ‘Fun With Belgian Chocolate’ is a 12-week course that will:
* Teach you about Belgian chocolate and why it’s known around the world.
* Show you how to use Belgian chocolate to make delicious gourmet treats, drinks and baked goods in your home kitchen.
* Empower you to learn from a variety of teaching styles including video, audio and e-book formats.

Plus, you’ll get these two bonuses:
* Membership in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get advice from a professional chocolatier, and post pictures of your assignments.
* A bi-weekly e-newsletter featuring an inspiration story or message from me, links to interesting articles about chocolate, fun photograph and a featured video.

Each week, I’ll send you a new module complete with:
* A brief chocolate history lesson
* A list of equipment, ingredient and supplies for the week
* A lesson on how to make a different chocolate treat (and variations on the theme)
* A chocolate project assignment

Note: This is a hands-on course and you will have weekly assignments to keep you on track and moving forward. ‘Proof’ of your accomplishments can be shared by posting photos of your weekly assignments in the Facebook group.

Every day I will be available in the Facebook group to:
* Answer any questions you may have
* Offer encouragement and ‘choc-spiration’ along the way.
* And be your chocolate sherpa as you have ‘Fun With Belgian Chocolate’.

And once every two weeks you will receive an email newsletter
* Interesting chocolate facts
* Chocolate-making tips
* Chocolate article links
* Chocolate book recommendations
* A featured ‘Go With Me’ video in which I’ll share with you one of my favorite chocolate spots in Belgium.

Are you ready to have ‘Fun with Belgian Chocolate’? We’re now enrolling our first group of students (called a ‘beta’ group). This first class is limited to 20 students and available on a first-come, first served basis. The first lesson is set to roll out April 1, 2019. Will you join us?

Ready to enroll? Click here!

Have some questions? See our Frequent Asked Questions page here.

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