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Book a ‘Build a Bar’ workshop in your home or church kitchen for yourself and five friends and explore the wonderful world of working with Belgian chocolate.

During the workshop, each participant will make:

  • Two Jolie bars with choice of decorative transfer sheets
  • Four custom-filled chocolate bars (think ‘Make Your Own Mars Bar!’)
  • Twelve French ‘Mendiants’ adorned with toppings
  • Participants will also:

  • Taste and learn about the difference between a popular American chocolate and Belgian chocolate.
  • Play a quick game of ‘Test Your Chocolate IQ’.
  • Enjoy refreshments of Belgian Hot Chocolate and freshly-made Italian Biscotti
  • Learn to package their chocolate professionally and take it home in a Kraft ‘window’ bag from Belgium.
  • Cost: $50 per person
    Required number of participants: 6
    To book: Email [email protected]

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